Virtual Seminar

Greg Miller | Deer Academy

Greg Miller is a hardcore deer hunter from northern Wisconsin. Greg has over 50 years of deer hunting experience. Though he hunts [...]

Eddie Salter | Turkey

Eddie Salter | Turkey Eddie Salter began hunting at the age of eight near his home in Evergreen, Alabama. After learning turkey-hunting [...]

Alan Probst | Trapping

Alan Probst | Trapping Host of F&T's Freedom Outdoors on Pursuit • Host of WILD Sportsman on AT&T Sportsnet • web site [...]

Jason Caldwell | Raptors

Jason Caldwell | Raptors Jason Caldwell is a third-generation minister and fifth-generation hunter. Having always enjoyed hunting, fishing, trapping and the natural [...]

Randy Flannery | Deer

Randy Flannery | Deer If you love hunting whitetail deer and you are ready to advance your skills in the woods, it’s [...]