Wisconsin Trophy Deer Contest & Display Presented By Busch Light

Trophy Deer Contest Busch Light

Overview & Pricing


Bring your Trophy Deer to be scored in our Trophy Deer Contest Presented by Busch Light. Get your deer’s official score from the Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club, show off your deer, compete for an award and get a weekend pass.

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Entry Times

Friday 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


Award Ceremony & Trophy Deer Display Raffle

Sunday 2:00 p.m.

Raffle Prize: Ravin R10  400 FPS, Illuminates 100 yd Scope with Internal Cocking System

Each Trophy Deer Display entry is entered into an exhibitor sponsored raffle for a Ravin R10  400 FPS, Illuminated 100 yd Scope with Internal Cocking System. To be eligible for the raffle, your Trophy Deer must be displayed for the duration of the event, and you must be present to win. The raffle will take place on Sunday at 2 p.m. during the Award Ceremony.


Trophy Deer Contest
To be officially scored. If your deer has been previously scored, you can enter under this category for contest only. (Includes weekend admission)
Early removal fee: $10
Measure & Display 
(Non-contest entry)
(Does not include admission ticket)
Early removal fee: $10
(Non-contest entry)
(Does not include admission ticket)
Single Sheds 
(Does not include admission ticket)
Matched Sheds
(Does not include admission ticket)


Measuring fee does NOT include admission to the show. CLICK HERE to purchase a 1-day Ticket or a Weekend Pass.

Additional contest entries are $15 each. Pre-scored deer are $15 to enter the contest. If your Trophy Deer is pre-scored, you must provide your own proof of your official score with a copy of the official score sheet.  The official score sheet must be signed by an official measurer and/or include an official measurer number on the front of the score sheet.

Shed(s) will be measured only after all trophy contest entries have been measured. There shouldn't be a problem getting all "measure-only" trophies measured. Measuring crews in the past have been able to do so. The fee is returned if the shed(s) has not yet been measured when the attendee is ready to leave.


How Matched Set Shed Scoring Works

With matched sets it’s impossible to know exactly the inside spread, therefore the total score will be the left shed and right shed combined. You can estimate the total gross score by adding what you think the inside spread is. You would of course have to take into account deductions. The measurers will not be estimating total gross score for you and they will not be making deductions. They will simply measure each single beam and add both of those beam scores together for a total score.


How Typical vs Non-Typical Shed Scoring Works

With sheds, there is no guarantee that a deer is typical unless you absolutely know you have the matching typical antler, but even that is not guaranteed. The individual measurer will make the final judgment call if he or she feels the sheds should be entered as singles or as a matched set.


Trophy Contest Categories

Weapon Type:

  • Firearm, Archery, Crossbow or Muzzleloader

Year Harvested:

  • When was your deer taken? Was it during the current year (the most recent past hunting season)
  • If taken with a firearm or archery, you will indicate either the current year (the most recent past hunting season)or historical contest division (the 2nd most recent past hunting season and older).

Typical / Non-Typical:

  • Is your deer typical or non-typical?



(1st, 2nd & 3rd-Place Awarded in Each Category)

  • Archery, Typical and Non-Typical
  • Crossbow, Typical and Non Typical
  • Gun, Typical and Non-Typical
  • Muzzleloader, Typical and Non Typical
  • Youth, Typical and Non-Typical


How Scoring Works

  • Scoring System: Boone & Crocket by the North American Shed Antlers Club.
  • Crossbow entries will be entered into the gun category per Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young rules.
  • Certified measurers on hand for Pope & Young Club and Boone & Crockett Club qualifiers. If your trophy qualifies you will have an opportunity to enter it into an official record book. The scorer will walk you through that process (additional fees apply).


Awards - Trophy Contest

  • Award presentations begin at 2 p.m. on Sunday
  • Trophy Deer must be present to win.
  • Awards are based on the antler score.
  • Awards are proportional to entries: i.e. 1-3 entries in class = 1 award; 4-8 entries in class = 2 awards; 9 or more entries in class = 3 awards.

Enter the Trophy Deer Contest here.