Wisconsin Seminar Speakers & Displays




Byron Ferguson | Trick Shot Archery Show


This energetic performance by world renowned Archery Trick Shooter, Byron Ferguson, will leave you wondering how these shots are even possible. Byron uses a traditional bow and his instinctive reactions to pull off shots like hitting a flying target blindfolded. and shooting a Lifesaver candy. Along with his Trick Shot shooting, Byron shares entertaining stories from his many years of hunting.


Byron Ferguson Trick Shot Archery Show
Byron Ferguson

Jason Clark | Southeastern Snake Encounter

Jason Clark will be hosting his always entertaining and educational Snake Show. Known as The Southeastern Snake Encounter, Clark utilizes venomous and nonvenomous snakes of the Southeastern U.S. Clark is a nationally recognized reptile handler with over 30 years of wildlife experience and is a certified Master Naturalist through the University of Georgia.


Jason Clark Snake Show
Jason Clark


Tom Petry | Filming Your Hunts

Tom Petry is a seasoned professional when it comes to producing outdoor video, with over 20 years of experience in producing, and over 10 years as an educator. Tom is a wealth of knowledge that can help both the ultimate beginner, to the individual with a few years under their belt looking to take it to the next level. Now, Co-owner of The Outdoor Media Group, producing their own show called Become 1 on Sportsman Channel, as well as 4 other Outdoor TV shows across the major networks. As well as the Co-Owner of Film The Hunt (an outdoor production education company). Tom, finds himself busier than ever in his career and with their company, but will openly admit that helping others reach their goals is still his favorite part of it all. They say that those who can't do, teach, where Tom was genetically engineered to do both and loves every second of it.


Tom Petry

Nick Ventura | Working in Outdoor Television

Nick Ventura has produced shows on almost every outdoor network and has a knack for creating stories and pulling out emotion that draws in an audience. He has made his living as a field producer and editor in the outdoor industry and has worked with some of the top shows in the business. Now, Co-owner of The Outdoor Media Group, producing their own show called Become 1 on Sportsman Channel, as well as 4 other Outdoor TV shows across the major networks. In addition, Nick is also the Co-Owner of Film The Hunt (an outdoor production education company). So in the end, Nick currently finds himself doing what he loves and enjoys helping others get to that point in life as well.


Nick Ventura

Tom Mesnard | Land Management

Mesnard has a very unique approach to Hunting Land Management and will focus on showing hunters how to manage their property to grow, hold, and harvest mature bucks. He has helped thousands of hunters in 27 states, dating back to 1984.


Winter Hunting
Tom Mesnard


Alan Probst | Trapping

Alan Probst grew up in the outdoors with a deep family tradition that traces back to his Great-Grandfather who was a hunter, trapper and lure maker. On top of that tradition, his own outdoor experiences over the last 40 years have led him to be one of the most knowledgeable trappers in North America. After running his first trapline at the age of seven, it has been all about the outdoors since. Alan currently hosts and produces the highly acclaimed furbearer television show 'F&T's Freedom Outdoors' on Pursuit Channel.


Alan Probst Trapping 2021
Alan Probst


Kevin Boyer | Building an Elite Hunting Property

In 47 years of hunting, Kevin Boyer's success has come in the form of his best 34 mature bucks averaging over 153”. With three of those bucks being aged at 7.5 years old or more and most being aged at 5.5 and 6.5 years old. Boyer raised three buck fawns up from a day old up to the age of 8.5 years old as part of his research and testing. He plants over 35 acres of food plots and test plots on his own farms as part of his research each year and has for years. Boyer has planted thousands of acres of test plots and food plots for over three decades with thousands of soil tests and thousands of plant tissue samples.

Boyer prides himself in offering an Elite Land Consulting from knowledge of the soil’s nutrients, plant tissue, hunting experience and expertise is setting up a property from its soil to the successful hunt. He also is unlike most consultants by only taking a small amount of clients each year, so he can offer an Elite land consulting experience for his clients.


Kevin Boyer
Kevin Boyer


Mike Brust | Predator Calling

Mike Brust has called in hundreds of predators over the last 40 years. He has pursued them throughout the West and Midwest and although he notes that predators don’t come to the call every time, there are a lot of little things that can make the difference between being consistently successful and going home empty-handed.

Predator calling can be enjoyed year-round. It is exciting, frustrating, intense and will test almost every hunting skill you know. Also, it is effective in reducing predation on other wildlife species and can even be financially rewarding. In this seminar Mike will walk you through the many different aspects of how to become a more successful predator caller and hunter.

Brust is a 32-year veteran of the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, longtime president of Wisconsin Bowhunters Association and an outdoor writer.


Mike Brust


Jeff Fredrick | Aggressive Calling for a Better Turkey Hunt

Jeff Fredrick is a past Turkey Calling Champion, competing at the state and national level for 22 years and winning the Wisconsin state title 12 times. He has been building his own calls since 1994.

Fredrick will discuss aggressive calling for a better turkey hunt and how to get the most out of your 2022 turkey hunt.


Jeff Fredrick 2022
Jeff Fredrick


Art Helin | Patterning Mature Bucks


Art Helin of began hunting over 30 years ago under the guidance of his father and grandmother. What started as small game and deer hunting in his home state grew to an obsession to hunt nearly every big game and turkey species across North America. Although the Wisconsin native enjoys any type of hunting, he is mad about whitetails and turkeys!

Helin's hunting success and passion for teaching others has led to his pro/field staffer positions for many outdoor manufacturers. He promotes these companies and the great outdoors by working trade shows, attending retail store special events, conducting seminars, and writing stories for outdoor media. Helin's expertise has been highlighted in articles for magazines. As a professional photographer, he specializes in nature and wildlife.

Helin draws upon his own experience, successes and failures, and the hundreds of days per year in the field hunting, guiding, and scouting. To assist him in scouting, he takes advantage of the tools and technology available including aerial and topographical maps and trail cameras. Helin has planted food plots for years, which started out small and often failing, but are now getting bigger and better year after year. He also practices woodland management, has completed timber stand improvement and pond projects on his 40-acres and is eager to share what he has learned with others.


Art Helin