Kansas Seminar Speakers & Displays


Michael Waddell | Bone Collector


Michael Waddell, founder of Bone Collector on the Outdoor Channel, will be part of the Seminar Series Series at the Kansas Expo, sharing a variety of entertaining and educational stories from his years hunting. Waddell, who hails from Booger Bottom, GA, is a champion turkey caller, who began his career in the hunting industry by winning a Realtree turkey calling contest. Waddell then began guiding and filming hunts. The popular show, “Realtree Road Trips,” was born a few years later and has kept him busy ever since.

Bone Collector began as a TV show and became one of the most recognizable brands in the outdoor industry offering television & production, licensing opportunities, marketing and more, all geared towards standing up for the culture of the hunter.


Michael Waddell

Byron Ferguson | Trick Shot Archery Show


This energetic performance by world renowned Archery Trick Shooter, Byron Ferguson, will leave you wondering how these shots are even possible. Byron uses a traditional bow and his instinctive reactions to pull off shots like hitting a flying target blindfolded. and shooting a Lifesaver candy. Along with his Trick Shot shooting, Byron shares entertaining stories from his many years of hunting.


Byron Ferguson
Byron Ferguson

Paslie Werth | World Record Non-Typical Whitetail


Paslie Werth, the new world record non-typical whitetail taken by a female, who hails from Kansas, will have her buck on display at the Kansas Expo. She harvested this buck back in September 2020, when she was just 14 year old, during the youth season. The buck's official Boone & Crocket score is 271 4/8.


Paslie Werth 2022
Paslie Werth

Hawg Tank | Fishing Demos


Fishing demos will take center stage at the Hawg Tank, which is a mobile 5,000 gallon tank, built on a trailer frame, filled with water and stocked with fish to conduct demonstrations of fishing techniques. With the use of a sound system, guest fishing experts will both educate and entertain show attendees all weekend. The Hawg Tank travels the country to boat shows, sportsman shows, fairs and festivals.


Hawg Tank 2021
Hawg Tank

Thomas Heinen | Midwest Finesse Fishing


My passion for fishing started ever since I can remember. I started fishing
competitively at the age of eight. Every year I spend countless hours helping the
youth, giving seminars, and teaching youth about the importance of the great

Four years ago in the winter of 2018, I started a bass fishing team at
Washburn University and fished collegiately. My goal was to help grow the sport
of bass fishing. I then found a job with one of my sponsors and am currently still
working for them at K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter Systems.

I take every opportunity seriously and I think I can be a great asset to the
team. I live by the motto “I may get beat, but I will NEVER get outworked!”
Fishing is my passion. Most people see it as a hobby, but to me it is a lifestyle. In
2016, I became a Fishing’s Future ambassador. In 2017, I became a Pro-Staff
member with Z-Man Fishing Products based out of South Carolina.

In 2018, I became a Pro-Staff member with Yakima Bait Company, PRO-CURE bait scents,
and Falcon Rods. In 2020 I became a brand ambassador for Bass Pro Shops,
and Cabela’s.


Thomas Heinen 2022
Thomas Heinen

Tommy Bench | River Smallmouth Fishing


Tommy Bench is the owner/operator of Gasconade River Guide Service. Born and raised on the Gasconade River, he has been guiding and specializing in Smallmouth habits and tendencies since 2007. Bench has found great success in tournament fishing and also hosts the “Bump Master” radio show for the National Professional Fishing League. While he prides himself on being a multi-species angler, his passion is catching and guiding people for Smallies.


Tommy Bench

Outdoor Communicators Roundtable Discussion

Local media personalities Brent Frazee and Mark Tobin will co-host an Outdoor Communicators Roundtable at the Open Season Sportsman’s Expo.

Frazee was the outdoors editor for the Kansas City Star for 36 years before retiring in 2016.  He continues to freelance for magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs. He received a lifetime achievement award from the Outdoor Writers Association of America in 2014 and has won more than 60 other awards for his writing and photography.

Tobin is the popular co-host of the Midwest Outdoors radio show on 810 AM-WHB in the Kansas City area. He and co-host Fred Ramsay have brought listeners the latest outdoors news in an entertaining format for the last seven years. Before that, Tobin and Ramsay co-starred in the American Outdoorsman television show. That program ran for 12 years on the Outdoor Channel.

Frazee and Tobin will head a panel discussion including other outdoors communicators in Kansas and Missouri and their guests.

They will discuss the latest topics in the outdoors, including the use of electronics in fishing and trail cameras in big-game hunting.

The roundtable discussions are scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Friday, March 11; 2 p.m. Saturday, March 12; and noon Sunday, March 13.

Phil Taunton | Outdoor Communicators of Kansas/Missouri


Phil Taunton is the host of ‘What’s in Outdoors with Phil Taunton’ on KVOE radio. Taunton is the 2002 Kansas Hunter Education “Instructor of the Year,” 2005 Kansas Wildlife Federation “Conservationist of the Year,” 2012 National Wildlife Federation, “Volunteer of the Year” and a 2014 Kansas Hunter Education Instructor Association (KHEIA) “Hall of Fame” inductee.

Taunton will be part of the Fishing & Wildlife Roundtable each of the three days of the Expo at the Outdoor Communicators booth. That booth, titled ‘Outside for a Better Inside,’ will feature outdoor education/information displays, along with a “hands on” casting range for kids, called Backyard Bass.


Phil Taunton

Kim Burnett | KDWP Fish Ks Instructor


Kim Burnett was first introduced to fishing at just three-years-old by his parents in Olathe, KS. Once he caught his first fish he was literally hooked for life. From that moment on Burnett and his father would take many trips to lakes, ponds, and rivers to
enjoy their time together fishing.

At 18 years old, Burnett was introduced to Fly Fishing. Fast forward to 25, and he experienced an altering moment when he found his groove in Fly-Tying. Burnett immediately began creating, assembling and using his own jigs. After a few outings, catching the limits, and sharing his information with the fisherman around him, he decided to start his own business. Crappie Stopper Jigs & Flies was founded in 1998.

A few classes, a lot of practice, and a lot of fishing later, Burnett, now 50, is one of the most sought after fishermen in his city. He is also an award-winning, Traveling Fly-Fishing and FlyTying instructor.


Kim Burnett

Dion Hibdon | Fishing Demos


Dion Hibdon won 1997 Bassmasters Champion and was the 2000 FLW Forrestwood Cup Champion and is one of the few anglers who has won both. Hibdon began fishing the FLW Tour in 1996 and has fished at every level of competition with the organization. The Missouri native calls prefers a jig when on the water. Hibdon will be conducting Fishing Demos on Saturday only.


Dion Hibdon

Kenneth Kieser | Outdoor Discussion


Kenneth Kieser from the Outdoor Communicators of Kansas/Missouri, will be part of the Fishing & Wildlife Roundtable each of the three days of the Expo, featuring Bench and Heinen, as well as representatives from Wander Woman Kansas.

Kieser is an award-winning outdoor writer of 44 years with several thousand bylines in newspapers and magazines. His work, writing and photos appeared in most of America’s top outdoor magazines and numerous newspapers. Kieser has also written many travel articles and has won over 60 writing awards.


Kenneth Kieser

Eddie Salter | Talking Turkey


Eddie Salter began hunting at the age of eight near his home in Evergreen, Alabama. After learning turkey-hunting techniques from his father and grandfather, Salter called-in and harvested his first gobbler at the age of 10. Salter began participating in competitive turkey calling and amassed an impressive list of titles, including seven Southeastern Open Turkey Calling Championships, six Alabama State Championships and two World Open Championships.


Eddie Salter The Turkey Man
Eddie Salter

Alan Probst | Trapping


Alan Probst grew up in the outdoors with a deep family tradition that traces back to his Great-Grandfather who was a hunter, trapper and lure maker. On top of that tradition, his own outdoor experiences over the last 40 years have led him to be one of the most knowledgeable trappers in North America. After running his first trapline at the age of seven, it has been all about the outdoors since. Alan currently hosts and produces the highly acclaimed furbearer television show 'F&T's Freedom Outdoors' on Pursuit Channel.


Alan Probst Trapping 2021
Alan Probst

Don Coffee | Outdoor Discussion


Don Coffee, also known by his YouTube name of "Don the Outdoorsman," was born Lilbourn, MO, and raised by his mother who, taught all her boys to hunt and fish. This provided food for their table and is how and where he found his love for the outdoors. Coffee started making YouTube videos in 2019 and recalls his first video was the skinning and cleaning of a rabbit. From that point, he made fishing videos along with a few on hunting. Coffee also does a lot of How-To videos on fundamentals about the outdoors. He also teaches young people how to enjoy the great outdoors which is his passion.


Don Coffee 2022
Don Coffee

Tom Mesnard | Land Management


Tom Mesnard has a very unique approach to Hunting Land Management. The TLM system, which he developed, has helped thousands of hunters in 27 states, dating back to 1984. The TLM system is a two-part system consisting of Part A: “The hunting plan” and Part B: “The habitat plan.” The two plans must work hand-in-hand to be successful.


Winter Hunting
Tom Mesnard

Wander Woman Outdoors


Wander Woman is a diverse women's outdoor group who are engaged in the enjoyment of adventuring and exploring the outdoors. We love trying new techniques and practicing outdoor skills frequently. We encourage and strengthen each other by participating in outdoor clinics, events, and gatherings. Our group provides a comfortable environment for personal growth for each woman in the outdoors.


Wander Woman Outdoors


KDWP Secretary Brad Loveless | Open Discussion and Q&A


Brad Loveless was appointed Secretary of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks by Governor Laura Kelly in January 2019. An Ohio native, Secretary Loveless earned his Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Ohio State University. He then came to Kansas to attend Kansas University where he obtained his Master of Science in Biology doing fishery research.

An avid hunter, angler and beekeeper, Secretary Loveless also enjoys spending time on church initiatives, gardening, volunteering for the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program and conservation-based projects and doing whatever his grandkids want to do.

Secretary Loveless serves as a true champion of Kansas’ natural resources and outdoor recreation, and he understands its value to tourism, our economy and, even more importantly, to our quality of life.


Brad Loveless
Brad Loveless

Nathan McClure | Scouting


Nathan McClure in conjunction with Brent Frazee are working on an initiative to put the “Outing back in Scouting,” stressing outdoor ethics and getting young and old alike, outside.


Nathan McClure
Nathan McClure and his son, fishing in the backyard.