Kansas Seminar Speakers & Displays



Trick Shot Archery Show w/
Byron Ferguson


This energetic performance by world renowned Archery Trick Shooter, Byron Ferguson, will leave you wondering how these shots are even possible. Byron uses a traditional bow and his instinctive reactions to pull off shots like hitting a flying target blindfolded. and shooting a Lifesaver candy. Along with his Trick Shot shooting, Byron shares entertaining stories from his many years of hunting.


Byron Ferguson 2


Property Management for Whitetails

Tom Mesnard/ TLM


Tom Mesnard has a very unique approach to property management for whitetails.
He feels that habitat actually has very little to do with consistently harvesting mature bucks on your hunting property. But he has found that there are several very important things that play a huge role in harvesting mature bucks. Mesnard has helped thousands of hunters in 27 states dating back to 1984. The TLM system is unlike anything you have seen. If YOU are looking to hold, grow, and harvest trophy bucks on your own land. This seminar is really something you need to see.



Consistently Landing Smallmouths
Tommy Bench – Gasconade River Guide Service


Tommy Bench is the owner/operator of Gasconade River Guide Service. Born and raised on the Gasconade River, he has been guiding and specializing in Smallmouth habits and tendencies since 2007. Bench has found great success in tournament fishing and also hosts the outdoor radio show “Outdoor America” on 610 sports radio. While he prides himself on being a multi-species angler, his passion is catching and guiding people for Smallies.


Tommy Bench


Food Plots that Yield Optimal Antler Growth In 7 Easy Steps

Robie Pruitt - Antler King


Robie Pruitt, a.k.a The Clover King, has 28 years of experience planting Antler King food plots. His passion for deer nutrition has led him to a new passion of helping others. These easy steps will show you the proper way to obtain optimal growth from your food plots.


Robie Pruit


Wild Game & Outdoor Cooking
Montana Max


Join Montana Max, professional chef and outdoor cooking expert, as he teaches and answers your questions on how to up your cooking game with any type of wild game. You’ll learn tips and tricks to improve your wild game cooking experience as well as making sure it’s a success every time.


Montana Max


Top Techniques to Land Crappies Year Round
“Crappie” Kirby Ham


Join expert angler and Radio Personality “Crappie” Kirby Ham as he shares his expert insights into fishing for Crappies. You won’t want to miss the tips in this session that will help put more fish in your boat.



MO-KAN Outdoor Life


Joe Falco, Sportsman’s Outfitter & Marine
Kenneth L. Kieser, Freshwater Hall of Fame Outdoor Communicator
Preston Filger, Liberty RV
Conner O'Flanagan, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks


This round table discussion will highlight the opportunities, to hunt, fish, boat and camp in Kansas and Missouri hosted by Liberty RV, Sportsman’s Outfitters & Marine, Kansas Wildlife, Missouri wildlife.




  • Note: Schedule Subject to Change