Kentucky Seminar Series

Byron Ferguson | Trick Shot Archery Show



This energetic performance will leave you wondering how these shots are even possible. Byron uses a traditional bow and his instinctive reactions to pull off shots like hitting a flying target blindfolded. On top of the fan favorites, Byron will also be performing NEW TRICKS this year including shooting with his feet and shooting the flame off a candle! Learn more at

Byron Ferguson

Chef Sara Bradley | Field-to-Fork Cooking


Chef Sara Bradley, the owner of Freight House in Paducah, Kentucky, has christened her cuisine “traditional Southern with a modern twist.” And her innovative, but grounded culinary approach to dishes have earned her a loyal and enthusiastic clientele. She’s a huge fan of the Bluegrass State, and every meal she serves has the goal of providing the most unique dining experience in western Kentucky. 

Chef Sara's mission is to provide fresh, local and in-season ingredients by partnering with farmers throughout the region, most within a day’s drive. She was invited to compete on Season 16 of the hit TV series "Top Chef" and was runner-up after battling it out with other talented chefs from across the country. Chef Sara took advantage of each episode to showcase Kentucky ingredients, her southern culinary heritage and wicked wit!   


Chef Sara Bradley
Chef Sara Bradley

Jason Caldwell | Raptors Up Close


Jason Caldwell is a third-generation minister and fifth-generation hunter. Having always enjoyed hunting, fishing, trapping and the natural beauty of the outdoors, he has always had an intense interest in birds of prey especially the ancient sport of hunting with raptors called falconry. Falconry is the art or sport of taking wild game or quarry with a trained bird of prey. It is the oldest form of hunting still in existence today. His father instilled this interest in him being a licensed falconer himself.

Jason is a licensed Master Falconer, permitted since 1993. He is also a licensed raptor educator (founding Raptors Up Close in 2006), federal raptor bander, permitted for abatement services and permitted for raptor propagation. His knowledge has also been a resource for raptor rehabilitation and raptor veterinarians. His skill and knowledge on raptors have made him sought after as an authority. For more information visit Raptors Up Close online at

Jason Caldwell

Alan Probst | Trapping

Alan Probst grew up in the outdoors with a deep family tradition that traces back to his Great-Grandfather who was a hunter, trapper and lure maker. On top of that tradition, his own outdoor experiences over the last 40 years have led him to be one of the most knowledgeable trappers in North America. After running his first trapline at the age of seven, it has been all about the outdoors since.  Alan currently hosts and produces the highly acclaimed furbearer television show 'F&T's Freedom Outdoors' on Pursuit Channel.

Alan Probst

Eddie Salter | Turkey


Eddie Salter began hunting at the age of eight near his home in Evergreen, Alabama. After learning turkey-hunting techniques from his father and grandfather, Salter called-in and harvested his first gobbler at the age of 10. Salter began participating in competitive turkey calling and amassed an impressive list of titles, including seven Southeastern Open Turkey Calling Championships, six Alabama State Championships and two World Open Championships.


Named one of the top-10 sportsmen in the U.S. in 1986 and 1989 and with almost four decades of turkey-hunting experience, Salter is recognized as one of the country’s leading authorities on turkey hunting. He’s appeared on ESPN, TNN, The Outdoor Channel and ABC’s 20/20 TV show and in numerous hunting videos and television commercials for Hunter’s Specialties and has been featured in many outdoor magazine articles and radio interviews.


Eddie Salter

Randy Flannery | Tracking and Stalking Whitetails

Randy Flannery is a renowned tracker of whitetails and a Master Guide in Maine. Tracking and Stalking are the time-tested and time-honored, tried and true hunting methods the American Indians and pioneers used to successfully and consistently take the largest animals possible. They took a proactive approach to hunting, because they had to put food on the table to feed their families. By utilizing tracking and stalking techniques, they were able to find the biggest and best animals. Now you can learn these techniques and use them on your next hunt.

Flannery will show how to master the skills of aging, sexing, and reading deer tracks. He will also share, map and compass skills, how and where to find big bucks, how to walk up on big bucks in all conditions, how to react to big bucks when you jump them, how to shoot fast and accurate, and other big woods hunting skills.

Randy Flannery 2021
Randy Flannery

Mark Menendez | Crankbaits through Water Temps

The 47-year-old native of Paducah has spent the past 17 years on the Bass Fishing Pro Tour. Menendez has career earnings of more than $1 million along with success in individual tournaments and season-long point standings, a testament to his passion and skill for competition. Menendez is a fan favorite wherever he goes, for many reasons. One of them is the fact that he has a continual willingness to remain available to them, but also because he is a family man who lends people that they too could reach their goals.

While he thrives on the competition, Menendez has also proven himself to be an extremely capable promoter and communicator. He works tirelessly to remain available for public appearances, both large and small, for outdoor writers, photographers, as well as radio and television hosts. That effort means that Menendez and his sponsors will be visible to millions of consumers each year.

Mark Menendez

Terry Bolton | Bass Fishing

Terry Bolton is a 14-time FLW Championship Qualifier and two-time BFL All American Qualifier. The native of Benton, Kentucky was the 2019 FLW Sam Rayburn Tournament Champion. He has ammassed over $1.4 million in career earnings with 48 top-10 finishes in Pro Tournaments. The Kentucky native has picked up more than half of his top-10 finishes in his home state at Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake. Bolton has fished on the FLW Tour, FLW Series, EverStart Series and BFL tournaments over the course of his career. Bolton is a self-described “metal-head” and enjoys using spinnerbait on his favorite body of water, Kentucky Lake. When he is not fishing, Bolton likes to duck hunt.

Terry Bolton