3D Archery Shoot

The contest is only held at the Ohio and Wisconsin event.

3D Archery Range


Money Classes:
• Male Hunter $45.00
• Female Hunter $45.00
• Male Open $45.00
• Female Open $45.00
Trophy/Prize Classes:
• Male $25.00
• Female $25.00
• Traditional $25.00
• Youth (13-15) $15.00

3D Archery 2020 Photo 2

>>Rules of the Range:

  • Each tournament will consist of one round of 20 individual 3-D targets (non-moving). The target ranges will be set up indoors.
  • Shooters can register at the event.
  • The tournament range will have 20 shooting lanes. Each lane will have 3 shooters in a group. The first shooter from the group will shoot the assigned target for that lane. Once the first shooter has shot, the second shooter will step to the shooting lane to shoot, after the second shooter the third will shoot. All 20 shooters on the shooting line will be shooting at random. After ALL 60 shooters have shot, the Range official will acknowledge that ALL shooting lanes are CLEARED for scoring. The 20 Lane format may vary per location, due to space. Changes will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
  • Each group of 3, will be responsible for scoring each other. A shooter may not score his or hers own arrow.
  • An arrow shaft must be touching a portion of the next highest scoring line to be scored for the higher value!
  • Scoring will be 5,8,10,12
  • At each target the lower 12 will be in play initially for all shooters. At each individual target a shooter may elect to have the upper 12-ring scored by announcing their intention to shoot for it. Upon announcing their election to shoot the upper 12-ring the scorekeeper will acknowledge and note this election, and the lower 12-ring will no longer be in play to be scored for that shooter on that individual target only.
  • Targets will be set up at yardages of 10-40 yards for all classes. This is KNOWN yardage.
  • Shooters WILL BE ALLOWED to use range finders.
  • Shooters will be allowed to use binoculars.
  • High Score at the end of the weekend wins.
3D Archery 2020 Photo

>>Hunter Classes:

  • Sights: Any bow sights may be used, NO magnification! No laser.
  • Stabilizers: front and back may be used, must not be greater than 12ʺ from Stab/connector.
  • Arrows: The maximum diameter is .422”.
  • Screw in field/practice points only. NO glue in points and NO broad heads.
  • Shooters should be prepared to shoot from tree stands approximately 1 foot off of the ground, from both a sitting and standing position. Shooters will also be shooting from pop-up ground blinds.
  • There is no Speed restriction. BUT shooter must be able to pull the bow back in a safe manner. Shooter must follow ALL bow and arrow manufacture recommendations. The Tournament Director will disqualify any shooter that he deems as unsafe, there will NOT be a refund.
  • Tiebreakers will be determined by the # of 12’s for each shooter.
  • Shooter’s will be allowed to shoot more than once for a score (must pay entry fee each time)
  • This will be a casual start meaning there is no set time to shoot.
3D Archery Photo

>>Open Classes: Any bow, Any Sight, Any stabilizer, Any Arrow. Known yardage 40 yards.

  • No Pro/SemiPro Shooters!

>>Payout Break down for each money class:
100% payback (up to 35 shooters in a class, Max payout per class $1,575.00) example: 35 shooters or more.
35 shooters x $45= $1,575.00
1st $1,000
2nd $ 300
3rd $ 200
4th $ 75

>>Trophy/prize classes:
1st, 2nd & 3rd place finishers will receive a plaque and prizes from our sponsors.

Must purchase a ticket to the expo to participate in the tournament.